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Welcome to the Racquetball nutrition section of our site! We are really excited to offer this section of our website to you and we hope you find the nutritional tips and information we have put together very insightful. Nutrition plays a huge role in our lives and in the performance of our body, so educate yourself as much as you can with this section; it will only help create a better “you”

Nutrition and healthy eating are very important for maintaining a healthy body. Like a finely tuned racecar, your body needs the right fuel and maintenance. Nothing is more important than healthy eating. Put in the wrong fuel and there’s no way it can deliver its full power and performance.

Good nutrition is a combination of some of our most important basic necessities, food and water. Foods are made up of six classes of nutrients including: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, water and minerals. Each of these nutrients has its own special role in the body to maintain, grow and rebuild. A balanced diet is extremely important, while poor dietary practices are usually responsible for all sorts of problems and diseases.

Optimal nutrition can provide the competitive advantage to athletes. In addition to genetics and proper training, eating a proper diet can delay fatigue and increase recovery time. Healthy eating can prevent injuries and chronic disease as well as enhance overall performance, endurance and speed. Most of you have come to this website to achieve better athletic performance, so implementing what you learn here will be to your benefit. Good luck and here’s to the beginning of a healthier YOU!